October 27, 2016

Wedding at Hotel Viznauerfhof


This lovely wedding took place at Hotel Vitznauerhof. The day started off with all the girls getting ready at the suite which is right at the top of the hotel. After that it was time to head to St Maria church in Weggis. A beautiful church with lots of nice natural light. Yummy for a photographer. After that we headed back to the hotel. The bride and groom had an awesome oldtimer as their transport. Cars in the past were for sure more cool than today. Anyway, the apero took place just by the water as the sun was setting down. What was a bit odd was that the hotel had some kind of pumpkin exhibition (and it was not close to Halloween). So wherever we went we some lots of pumkins. Nevertheless, the wedding had a lot of guests so when it came to take family photos I could only find one nice spot – just by the water. Problem was that I could not get close to them for a nice photo. So I had to climb over the fence and hang on the side of it (under me it was just water) and shoot from there. I am glad the fence could hold my weight! I stayed till dinner started and then they continued party all night long. Here are the wedding photos from Hotel Vitznauerhof…


vitznauerhof_hochzeit-2-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-4-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-5-of-60vitznauerhof_hochzeit-3-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-7-of-60vitznauerhof_hochzeit-14-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-9-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-11-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-13-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-16-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-18-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-20-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-21-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-22-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-23-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-24-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-25-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-26-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-27-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-29-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-33-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-35-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-36-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-37-of-60vitznauerhof_hochzeit-31-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-38-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-39-of-60vitznauerhof_hochzeit-32-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-49-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-50-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-51-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-52-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-53-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-54-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-55-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-57-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-59-of-60 vitznauerhof_hochzeit-60-of-60

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