August 26, 2015

Wedding at Hotel Guarda Val in Lenzerheide



Hotel Guarda Val (Lenzerheide) was the host to one of my favourite weddings of 2015!

The reason is that so many things were perfect on the day. Not even sure where to start. Let’s start with the best part: the couple. They had a great connection, very easy to speak to and the camera loved their energy. The next thing would be the location. They got married at hotel Guarda Val which is based in Lenzerheide. I had never been there before so when I arrived to the hotel I realised it would be really stunning. But when I arrived to the church my jaw almost dropped. It felt a bit like a movie set. Check out the portraits after the ceremony and you will see what I mean. The friends and family did a fantastic job helping out during the day and you could see they all had a great time. The weather was perfect as well – blue skies the entire day. Finally, the party was also absolutely brilliant. The friends put on a great show and one could see that Laura and Simon truly enjoyed themselves.

The wedding day started off with preparation of the bride and groom. They got ready in separate rooms but in the same building. I jumped between the two rooms and it was great fun. It was fun to see a groom really loving the moment as well. They all had the same watch and they even synced it together. Talk about being in sync with your friends. After the wedding preparation at the hotel we took a car to the church. After the ceremony we had an interesting moment when we took the group photo. The farmer of the land came with a shuffle in his hand and chased us away. Eventually, we got the photo though. The apero took place at the Hotel Guarda Val with a view of the mountains. After that we took some more portraits – which turned out great I thought. The dinner took place in one part of the hotel whilst the party was in another big room belong to the hotel. Simon runs a business which focuses on 80’s and 90’s parties! Therefore, it was no surprise they had great light, music and knew how to party.

Here are the wedding photos…..


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