June 20, 2018

Wedding at Guarda Val in Lenzerheide

Getting married in Guarda Val in Lenzerheide is breathtaking. The hotel is relatively high in the Lenzerheide valley with a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps. It can also host a big wedding party which is big plus. To top it off the service is amazing. However, having an amazing wedding location helps but it does not make the wedding. The people do. Let me tell you about the wedding couple. They are based in Basel but the first time we met was in a bar in Zug. At that time they described what they wanted to achieve with the wedding. They also had a funny engagement story – all I can say is that it took place in New York and it was challenging. After our discussions at the bar the main message was to have fun with friends and family but nothing too formal. This is exactly what happened.

I started the day when they both were getting married. They were in separate rooms with their friends. As a photographer I think  this is the ultimate setup. The friends makes them relaxed and being close to each other allows me to jump back and forth between the rooms. One particular moment I remember in particular was when I walked to the groom and told him “Your future wife asks you to get dressed and get going”. His reaction was by standing on the sofa and start dancing. A very happy groom!
The wedding ceremony took place at the epic Baselgia Viglia church. The arrival to church is pretty spectacular as well. Let me tell you why. First, it is a 20min ride from Guarda Val by bus. The groom likes old cars so they of course arranged a vintage bus for the people. When you arrive by bus then you are dropped off next to another church called Kirche St Anton in Lenz. There you are surrounded by houses. However, as soon as you go around the corner from there then the view opens up and in the distance you can see Baselgia Viglia. In the photos below you will see exactly what I am trying to describe. I really like that people have to walk there. It somehow feels special.
The rest of the wedding party took place at Guarda Val. The apero was on the grass with a view of the mountains. Amazing. For dinner we moved into the restaurant whilst the wedding party had its own separate building.

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