September 1, 2017

Wedding at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich


This Swiss and Chinese wedding took place at one of Zurich’s most exclusive hotels. The Dolder Grand Hotel. A place with beautiful views of Zurich City and the Alps.

The wedding day started at the very centrally located hotel Engimatt. One of the best things being a wedding photographer is that you get to experience new “rituals” as meet people from different countries and cultures. I have photographed a couple of Chinese tea ceremonies before but what I didnt know is what they do when the bride goes outdoors after the preparation. The bride will need to be sheltered with a red umbrella once out in the open. This is to ward off any negative elements. For Teochews and Hokkiens, they prefer the father of the bride or a male elder to hold the umbrella. On the way to the sedan, the match maker or sister will throw rice grains and or, red beans for good luck.

The wedding ceremony took place at Kirch St Peter. A really lovely church. When you see the wedding photos you will see what I mean.

Zurich city is quite crowded so the wedding couple came up with an excellend idea to transport their guests from church to the Dolder Grand Hotel. They hired a tram. I thought it was really cool. The tram took an extra tour so the guests could see a bit of Zurich and then up towards the Dolder. In order to get to the Dolder Grand hotel by public transport you can take the funicular called Dolderbahn. Also a nice small touch to the experience of the wedding and being in Switzerland.

After the apero they had a chinese tea ceremony. In the traditional Chinese marriage ceremony, the bride and groom kneel in front of their respective parents and serve them tea and then thank them, which is a devout way to express their gratitude for being raised.

The wedding dinner took place inside a massive and beautiful banquet room. By the way, the wedding dinner looked amazing. I normally do not include food shots in my blog post but this time I had to.

The wedding day at the Dolder Grand hotel in zurich was wrapped up by drinks and dance! The wedding music was provided by the band “forjoy“.

Here are the wedding photos from this lovely day.


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