November 14, 2019

Wedding at Villa Palmieri

Wedding at Villa Palmieri

Imagine getting married in villa with huge gardens, beautiful weather, eating italian food and sharing this experience with your friends and family. That’s exactly what this couple did at Villa Palmieri.

The day started by me going to the bride’s villa which was located a bit outside Florence. Apparently a place where they spent many summers as a family. Being there I can understand why they spent so much time there. Beautiful view of tuscan hills whilst enjoying the peaceful surrounding.

On the wedding day it was not so peaceful. It was electric and buzzing. Lots of people getting ready at the same time. As a photographer I love moments like that because there are many small magical moments everywhere. In this case, my favourite moment was when the bride had finished her preparation and her bridesmaid waited for her upstairs. The feeling and reaction when they saw each other was lovely.

After that we drove to Villa Palmieri. This was my first time there. That place is BIG. I jumped out of the taxi and wanted to run to the ceremony area. I just assumed it was behind the big house which we parked in front of. I came around and there was nothing. I had to ask someone “Excuse me, where is the ceremony?”. He pointed at a totally different direction.  As I mentioned, it was a big place.

The ceremony took place outdoors on court yard surrounded by tuscan green and strong yellow colors. The day was hot. Luckily people had an umbrella. Thought through planning. This is a good time to mention who did the preparation, planning and coordination of the wedding. Brenda Babcock and her team. She is an American wedding planner based in Italy. I have had the privilege to work with her for many years. As always, they delivered!

The wedding dinner was also outdoors. The decoration for the wedding dinner was breathtaking!

One of my favourite parts of the wedding was right at the end. The couple cut the cake and did their first dance. It was nice and calm. Then a big door opened behind them and there was a big band from the UK that kicked start it with a BANG. They played amazing motown songs the entire evening. They really got people on their feet. I was even dancing!

I hope you will enjoy these photos from Villa Palmieri.


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