September 10, 2021

Wedding at Suvretta House

Wedding at Suvretta House in St Moritz.

This amazing wedding at Suvretta House (St Mortiz) was a pure joy to photograph. Obviously the weddings in 2020 and 2021 have been far in between. This makes it extra nice when weddings do come that they are super nice.

The wedding preparation took place at the elegant Suvretta House. From there we met up with the father of the bride and went downstairs to the lobby. Horses with carriage awaited them. A small journey around the hotel lead us all to the church. The church was full of friends and family. After the wedding ceremony the horse took the couple back to the hotel. In that time, all the people had moved over and prepared a lot of balloons (with wishes). Together they released them all but what was not taken into account was the relative strong wind. The balloons flew quickly sideways and some got stuck into the fence and tree. It generated a lot of laughter. Moments like that are small but great. The apero took place outdoors with amazing views (see photo above). Then there was a small break so people could change into black tie outfit. It demands a bit more time and effort by the guests but it is so worth it. Quick shower, new outfit and then start the evening! This slot also allowed for walking around the hotel and taking some pictures of the bride and groom. One can never have too much time for that – in my (selfish) view. The evening started off with an apero and then dinner. Speeches at a wedding is something that divides people. Some people love it and some not so much. I think it is really cool. This wedding had some fun slideshows and touching speeches. After that some cake and then opening up the dance floor. When the wedding reach the ‘party’ time then there is always a relief of some sort. People take off their jackets, grab a drink and start dancing. As a photographer this is one of my favourite moments. Lots of people who are happy and having fun. What is not to like?

I hope you will enjoy these photos as much I did taking them.




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