October 18, 2019

Wedding at Rheinfalls & Schaffhausen

Let me tell you the story of a small intimate wedding at the Schloss Laufen by rheinfalls in Zurich and then wedding portraits in the beautiful town of Schauffhausen.

This couple decided to tie the knot at the lovely Schloss Laufen. Normally couples get ready separately but they got ready together. I thought it was very cute as they helped each other. He did part of the dress and she did his tie. Then the brother-in-law helped with the hair. The wedding ceremony took place at the court yard of the castle. It was held by the grooms dad. It was really lovely. Imagine being surrounded by high castle walls, lovely sun and having your closest friends and family – and tourists. Being so close to Rheinfalls makes it impossible to avoid tourists. It was funny because lots of them put their head in to the court yard and also started to take photos. So it felt like an intimate wedding with a celebrity touch to it!

After the wedding ceremony they had some drinks and shared stories. Lots of laughter and a nice relaxed atmosphere. We took some family photos by the castle before the rest of the wedding party was sent for a tour around the area.

The wedding portraits session was very fun! We had planned two locations. First was to walk around the castle and then down towards the waterfalls. The bride in her high heels marched on and never complained. The weather god sent us good weather so that made it easier. After this we took the car and drove to Schauffhausen. I had never been there before. The couple told me it was nice there but I did not expect it to beĀ that nice. It was beautiful. So many different cool spots. If you scroll to the last photo you will see one photo that looks magical. Enjoy!

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