June 16, 2022

Wedding at Portes Des Iris

Portes Des Iris Wedding Couple

This eventful wedding took place at Portes des iris venue which is close to Lausanne. First let me give you the history of this wedding which is very interesting.

In April 2019 the bride wrote me about their wedding plans. 3 years later we finally reached their wedding day (it was moved due to Corona of course). I also had the priviliege of photographing their (adventurous) engagement session and their civil wedding in 2019 and 2021.

Here is an interesting anecdote. Now when I am a parent myself I often think of how it would be on my children’s wedding day and who they will marry. In this case, the parents of the bride and groom knew the bridal pair very well because both set of parents were friends before the bride and the groom was even born. Further down you can see a picture of the bride’s mother who is holding the groom as a baby. Really cool story I think.

Let’s go back to the actual wedding day. As I was driving down from canton Zug towards Lausanne it was raining cats and dogs. However, I saw a small blue patch on my right hand side. Eventually my navigator told me to turn right and when I arrived at Portes Des Iris venue then I could only see blue skies! In the far distance one could see clouds though. The bridal pair decided then to do the wedding outside (I love outdoor wedding ceremonies!). I will come back to this story shortly.

I started the day by photographing the wedding preparation of the bride and groom. After that the ceremony was on. The bride walked down the aisle. Drinks were given to the guests to kick off the wedding. Andres Allemand, who was holding the ceremony, started the celebration. Clouds started to move in rather fast and before we knew it. The sky decided to open up and the rain came down. The ceremony was interrupted. In moments like this you can see what really matters for the couple. To have the perfect wedding or to enjoy their day and take things as they come. This couple was smiling and did not mind the interruption. They were with friends and family and one could see that’s what really mattered for them.

The ceremony moved indoors and it was lovely. They did a thing I had not seen before and that was to exchange vowes by letters. They had written each other a letter and then they opened it during the ceremony and read it in silence. It was powerful I thought. As the indoor ceremony was going on it was raining even more outside. When it all ended and they walked out then the sun was back in full strengh!

The apero took place at the lovely garden of Portes des iris. After this we took some portaits in the gardens (like the photo above). The dinner and party took place upstairs of the venue.

It was a real priviliege to photograph this wedding. I hope you will enjoy these wedding photos …

Portes Des Iris wedding ceremony

Portes Des Iris Venue

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