October 2, 2021

Wedding at Kurhaus Bergun

Wedding at Kurhaus Bergun

This lovely wedding took place at Kurhaus Bergun and Latsch. It started with getting ready of the groom and bride. I really enjoy wedding preparation that involves many people. It creates an atmosphere that is hard to describe.  It is a mix of anticipation, chaos, stress and joy. In the case of the bride she was very relaxed because she was more or less ready when I arrived (1 hour before the ceremony). This was a nice approach as the bridesmaid were getting mainly ready whilst the bride could enjoy the time with her friends.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Foyer of Kurshaus Bergun. It really is perfect for wedding ceremonies. Big window light, beautiful colors and a lovely room. The ceremony was conducted by the wedding celebrant Evelyn who did a fantastic job.

After the wedding ceremony we took the car of the couple of drove to Latsch. It is a hilltop above Bergun at 1588 m above sea level. As a wedding photographer this was an absolute dream. Stunning views all around. What I really liked was that straight after the apero they cut the wedding cake. The evenings always tend to be a bit latter than expected so it was good to have this part done somehow. Plus having cake in the middle of the day is also great.

We were very lucky with the weather. It did rain for 5 minutes but it didn’t matter. All the other minutes there was not any rain but instead dramatic clouds (which I love!).

People then headed back to Kurhaus Bergun for the evening meal. The main room for the party is fantastic. High ceiling, beautiful room and lots of natural light. Perfect for a wedding evening.

The entire day was very smooth, you could see people were relaxed and had lots of fun. Please enjoy the wedding photos.

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