November 25, 2018

Wedding at Hotel Hermitage in Luzern

An outdoor wedding at Hermitage Hotel in Luzern in October. Many people plan a wedding for summer season as they want warm weather of course. I have been photographing weddings for 10 years in Switzerland and the pattern I have seen is that September and October are more reliable when it comes to weather than summer season. Also, it tends to be sunny but not boiling warm. This wedding in Luzern was just like that.

We first met at Transport museum in Luzern to take some portraits. The advantage of walking around in a park “off season” is that there are a lot less people around. We had most part to ourselves. After the portrait we drove to the Hermitage Hotel where all of the wedding would take place. The wedding ceremony was by the water side with view of Mountain Pilatus. Hard to find a more beautiful view in Luzern. After this they had an apero next door. All outdoors. Their family and friends had arranged two surprises. The first was releasing of doves. It was quite funny because normally things does not go to plan and there was no exception this time. I managed to capture it. Scroll down below to see what I men. The second surprise was that they had hired a guy who can do comical paintings of the guests. This was a popular addition to the wedding. He then hanged all the photos in the dining room which made the area much more personal.

The wedding party took place inside the hotel. As they walked in the sun was setting. The dining room has huge windows so their backgrop was mountains and an extremely colorful sunset. Magical!

During the wedding party they had a photo booth but it was very stylish. It looked like a big frame. You could see people really enjoyed it.

The bride and groom did not want to do a first dance but instead the bride surprised the groom by having practiced a coordinated dance with her sister and friends. This was the opening of the dance floor before they continued to dance into the night.

Here are the photos from the wedding day at Hermitage Hotel in Luzern. Enjoy!

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