July 10, 2022

Wedding at Guarda Val (Lenzerheide)

This beautiful and relaxed wedding took place at the Guard Val Hotel in Lenzerheide. One of my favourite venues in Switzerland. It allows for outdoor wedding ceremonies with stunning views.

My photography coverage started as the couple was getting ready. I personally love ‘Getting Ready‘ photos for several reasons but one of them is because one can gauge the excitement/nervousness of the couple and the guests. From the get go it was pretty obvious that this wedding will be relaxed and enjoyable.

After the wedding preparation we had a ‘first look‘ – this is where the bride and groom meet for the first time (before the wedding ceremony). This moment is also something that is growing on me. It is very intimate and witnessing the reaction of the couple is lovely.

As I mentioned above, the wedding ceremony took place outdoors. I love outdoor wedding ceremonies! The bride arrived with her father and then the ceremony kicked off. Another trend that is growing is that the ceremony is held by a friend or relative. Something I also really like because the ceremony becomes very personal. I must say the person holding the ceremony in this case did an amazing job.

The apero of the wedding took place in the middle of the Guarda Val ‘village’. Most guests were from USA so it must be very nice to show them the beautiful mountains of Switzerland.  To add an extra ‘dose’ of Switzerland the couple had arranged for musicians to play alphorn (Swiss instrument).

During the dinner the speeches started. There was one which I can recall which was very funny. The parents of the couple decided to meet and share a bottle of wine. The father walked into a shop, got some wine and they went to a nice place with a view and opened it up. They took their first sip and realised it tasted a bit strange. It turned out he had bough vinegar instead of wine. There was a good laugh when this story was told.

After the dinner we moved over to another building where the party took place. This is why Guarda Val in Lenzerheide is so good. It has one place for the ceremony, another for the apero, another for the dinner and yet another for the party. So the wedding becomes very varied even though you are at the same location.


Guard Val Wedding Ceremony



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