June 18, 2019

Wedding at Guarda Val in Lenzerheide

I have shot several weddings at Guarda Val and I still walk away equally happy and grateful. Why do I love wedding photography? The answer to my own question is easy. It has to do with the people. When people are having fun, enjoying themselves and all this at a lovely location then life is good.

This international couple were super relaxed (ok, a little bit nervous before the ceremony) and truly enjoyed themselves.  The wedding day started with their preparation. When I went to the groom he immediately offered me a beer. I declined. He insisted. As a polite photographer I had a cheer with him. Nice way to start the wedding day.

People are often concerned about the weather for a wedding.  Normally most time is spent indoors. This time it was different though.  The wedding ceremony was outdoors with amazing views of the alps. The apero also took place outside.  For the family photos we went back to where the ceremony was. Initially we had only planned to take a few family photos but before we knew it the entire crowd was with us and we just kept going. People had fun and enjoyed the view.

The wedding dinner was indoors. Lots of food, drinks and emotional speeches. Many people underestimate wedding speeches. People are always afraid that they are too long. But when you hear a good speech then you don’t want it to stop. I must say that the bridesmaid (the sister of the bride) and the bestman (best friend of the groom) did a fantastic job. It was funny and emotional.

Wedding Party. This wedding was a mix between Turks and Austrians. You can imagine how the wedding party went. Especially when Turkish songs came on. Lots of energy and fun. As I said in the beginning, a real privilege to be part of this wedding day in Guarda Val.

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