Wedding at Chateau de Divonne in France

Alia and Bahaa who lives in Saudi Arbia got married in Chateau de Divonne in France. The wedding was very international with people coming from all over the world. It was the first time I covered a muslim wedding. The main differences from the western weddings are ceremony traditions and drinks. This ceremony consisted was mainly to music and prayers. There was no one officiating the wedding which made it very easy and nice! And by drinks I mean no alcohol was served. One would think this part might impact the party but not for these guys. They were dancing loads and didn’t need any alcohol for it.

Chateau de Divonne is placed on a hill with a lovely view of Swiss mountains. It is located 15-20minutes away from the Swiss border. They rented the entire place which made it perfect for the wedding guests.

On this wedding I also had my friends from Evergreen Video. They are based in Italy but flew in for this wedding. These guys are on a different level I think. Make sure you check them out as well
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Wedding at Chateau de Divonne in France
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