September 24, 2021

Wedding at Cervo Hotel in Zermatt

Wedding in Zermatt

This magical wedding took place at Riffelalp and Hotel Cervo in Zermatt. I also had the pleasure to work along the very talented videographer David from davidandkatrin.

The day started with the groom who got ready at Hotel Cervo. To be honest it felt like I was in a GQ magazine photo session. 4 stylish good friends getting ready together whilst being in an amazing suite. They joked about and it was great start to the wedding. After that we took the train up to riffelap resort where the bride was getting ready. If the previous location felt like a GQ session then this felt like a mountain hotel that james bond would go to. The bride was getting ready with her mum and sister. After a while the dad joined the party too.

Before I continue with the writing I must mention the florist. For me, it is hands down, the most talented florist I have met in Switzerland. Her name is Tabea Maria-Lisa and can be found at

Why did I interrupt the story to talk about the florist? Because after the bride got ready she walked to the church which had an amazing decoration outside (see photo below and you will see what I mean). The bride entered church with her father and I loved how emotional and beautiful the ‘handover’ of the bride was. When you see the photos then you will know what I mean.

During the ceremony I made a mistake. There was a point during the ceremony where I thought the priest were going to start to talk about the couple’s background (how they met and so on). This is a normal part of the ceremony which generats laughter. So I sneaked up behind the priest so I could capture laughter. But it turned out it was a prayer that I interrupted and the priest was not too pleased by my presence. Afterwards we laughed about it.

The ceremony took place outside Riffelap hotel. The weather was splendid so the backdrop for the entire apero was nothing other than Matterhorn. After this everyone returned back to Hotel Cervo to get changed into black tie dress and cocktail dresses. As a photographer this is a dream.

If I thought the florist did a great job at the ceremony then she knocked it out of the park when I entered the dining room. Absolutely beautiful.

I was given the challenge to produce a same-day-slideshow. This meant that I downloaded and edited photos from the wedding day and then showed it in the evening. It was stressful but also very rewarding. They wrapped up the day with a big party and drinks. It was a really successful wedding. Enjoy the photos!

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