October 3, 2019

Wedding at Burgenstock Resort

This lovely couple decided to hold their wedding at the amazing Burgenstock Resort. This is a location that has changed a lot over the last few years. A chain of luxuries hotels have been built on top of Burgenstock with amazing views and facilities. Many years ago this location also hosted the wedding of Audrey Hepburn.

The wedding day started with them getting ready at the hotel separately. It such a huge resort so the chance of running into each other is very small! After that the wedding ceremony took place at the same place as Audrey Hepburn. The church is cosy and full of character.

The apero took place by the hotel with amazing view of Lake Luzern. The sun was out all day. Fantastic day.

For the wedding portraits we took the van from the hotel and headed to a hill with beautiful backgrops of the alps. The wedding couple were super easy to work with. Whatever we (me and the videographer) suggested they were up for it.

Later in the evening when the sun was setting some magic colors came out. This allowed us to take some more lovely portraits. Enjoy the wedding photos from Burgenstock Resort.


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