August 7, 2022

Wedding at Borgo Scopeto Relais

The third and final day of this marvellous wedding took place at Borgo Scopeto Relais. The previous two days consisted of a Pool Party and then a Pizza Party. It was great but the wedding day was absolutely amazing.

The day started with wedding preparation of the bride and groom. It was a preparation that went very smooth and people really had time to enjoy themselves. The groom and his bestman even had time to play an Italian card game called Scopa. After the preparation the bride and groom decided to have a first look. However, whilst I was escorting the bride to the groom she accidentally met her father which was very emotional and beautiful. The first look itself was also great.

The wedding ceremony took place outdoors and was lead by the bride’s best friend. This is a trend I see more and more. And I like it! The ceremony becomes very personal. In this case, it was brilliant.

After the wedding ceremony the cocktail hour started. During this the father of the groom went up to the band and asked if he could join by playing the piano. He was rocking it. When musicians get together you can see them creating magic on the go.

The wedding dinner took place in the main yard and from there one can see Sienna and the rest of Tuscany. Brenda and her team of course decorated it to utter perfection. The bride and groom arrived before everyone else just to take it all in. During the dinner they had several fantastic speeches. Then came a little surprise. The bride and groom were asked to cut their cake and as they did that a huge firework started! It was really amazing.

To wrap up the wedding day they had a band from the UK who performed and entertained. Sometimes as a photographer you just go with the flow and you forget how amazing things are but in this case I managed to take a step back. Here we were – all dancing outdoors, an amazing band playing, view of tuscany and everyone having a great time. Absolutely loved it.

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