July 31, 2017

Tuscan wedding at Il Borro

The third and final day of the wedding celebration at Il Borro. The welcome dinner was a pizza night at the old square, the second day a rehearsal dinner by the swimming pool and now the grand finale at the Villa. The bride and groom had a lot of bridesmaid and groomsmen which made it extra fun during the wedding preparation. The boys got ready at the pool room table whilst the ladies were up in the suite. I love wedding preparations because when you mix excitment, nerves and small amount of stress then you get a mood which makes people emotional. And I love photographing emotions.

The wedding ceremony took place at the old square of il borro. The florist Nosheen did an amazing job for the outdoor ceremony. It was dream like! When you see the photos then you will know what I mean. After the ceremony they walked down the village with two musicians in front of them whilst all their guests were lined up. A really nice moment for the couple I believe. The small nerves they had before the wedding was now gone and they could fully enjoy the rest of the day. They had an old mercerdes parked by the village. Henning took his bride and drove off into the sunset. Well, not really. He drove them to the villa. But sounds cool. As the sun was setting the wedding dinner was served. The entire dinner was outdoors. That is the advantage of having a Tuscan wedding. The weather is almost always guaranteed. The first dance was also outdoors and as a surprise a massive firework went off. At Il borro they really know how to make a firework. Many times the guests thought it was over and then it just kept going and growing. The wedding party was amazing. They hired a band from England called The Kitts Band. It was the second time I heard them and I got equally impressed as the first time. They really know how to get the crowd going. You will see from the photos that people really had a good time at the wedding party.

This entire wedding celebration was coodinated by Italia Celebrations. If you are thinking of getting married at Il Borro or anywhere in Italy then I would highly recommend her.

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