September 17, 2022

To infinity and beyond in Baar

Wedding in Baar & Zug

Each wedding is unique and this is no different. The bride is a big fan of Disney and there was a subtle wedding theme in this regard. Her flower bouquet had white pearls in the shape of Mickey mouse and inside their wedding rings they have the famous quote from Toy Story “To infinity and beyond”.  What I really enjoyed was when the bride read her wedding vows to her husband and then ended it by lifting her finger and saying those words. You can see the photo further down.

Anyway, the wedding day started at their home in Baar. After that we all headed to Katholische Kirche St. Martin in Baar. They had arranged a nice Mercerdes to drive the bride to the church. The only problem was that it broke down on the way. The bestman reacted quickly and sorted it all out. It must have been a few sweaty moments for the groom. Where did the bride go?

It was my first wedding at Katholische Kirche St. Martin and I must say it is beautiful. I have forgotten to mention another important member of this wedding. Their dog. During the wedding ceremony the dog got the best seat in the house. Up front with the bride and groom. Very cute!

After the wedding ceremony we all went outside and could enjoy the sun and some ice cream. With the couple we later took a very long limousine and drove to Cham Villette Park for some portraits.

After that we headed to the place where the rest of the evening would take place – Theater Casino in Zug. The sun was slowly setting and people enjoyed this with a drink in their hand. At this point we also made some group photos. I loved the outfit from the people and that made it extra fun to make group photos. The remaining part of the evening involved food, drinks and dance!


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