January 8, 2011

Summary of 2010

Before looking forward to year 2011 I want to take a minute and look back at the year 2010. First of all – it FLEW by! Or am I the only one who feels like that? Nevertheless, in one of my first weddings in year 2010 I felt it “clicked” for me – you know the feeling when you overcome a certain hurdle or when you feel that you finally achieved the “next step” in your development.  This happened when I covered the wedding of Eduardo and Michaela in Zurich. The fact that the couple was great, location was sweet and the weather was perfect did help a lot of course. But, I had a feeling of greater control and I knew what I was doing (that’s usually good news). I found my style – partly (I still have a LOT to improve and fine tune but now I have a direction).

I believe as a photographer you constantly should strive to learn more so I arranged a workshop with Benjamin Young III – he came all the way from the Philippines. It was a great workshop that took place in the Grand National Hotel in Luzern. He pushed me to think about the little details when you pose, envision your shots before take them and also how to handle your photos in post processing.

As a photographer you should also be able to know how your clients feel so I was very fortunate to meet up with Andrea and Marcus (also known as Tag7) and they took some great photos of Patricia and myself. It was strange to be in front of the camera but a good experience. I also learnt from them – I could see how they used the natural light and attention to details to get the maximum out of their photography. Very inspiring!

I have been fortunate to cover weddings all over Switzerland – from Zurich, to Luzern, to Zug,to Montreux and so on. Been an absolute joy!

When I started 2010 then one of my goals were to win a photography award. In the last month of the year I managed to achieve this – I got 4 places in the Q4 AGWPJA competition. Was a great ego-boost!

My blog has also a lot visitors – year 2009 I had a total of 14 000 visitors which is very cool. Year 2010 I had 68 000 visitors!! How crazy isn’t that? Imagine if you had 68 000 people in front of you and you could show your work to them. Internet is simply amazing 🙂

What is happening in year 2011? It is 7 days into the year and already a lot of stuff has happened! I have had a knee surgery (I am actually writing this post from the hospital bed) but I also achieved something that I never expected – Junebug (which is a great site for inspiration for photographers and wedding couples) chooses the worlds 50 best wedding photos of year 2010 and my photo was among them. It is a true honor! To see my own name with people like Jerry Ghionis and Ben Chrisman is absolute amazing.

In year 2011 I will be covering weddings outside Switzerland as well – I have one in France, a few in Greece and hopefully I will get some in Sweden as well (this is my goal at least).

I am also hoping to build up my facebook group at www.facebook.com/magnusbogucki a bit more – at the moment I have 108 followers. Aim for 2011 is to reach 500 followers.

I have also decided to dedicate my blog fully to photography and perhaps doing some small videos as well (this is still to be decided).

Folks, have a great 2011 and I hope it will bring us all a lot of joy!
Here are some of my favourite photos of year 2010 – in no particular order:

Jewish Wedding part

In the forrest

Workshop Photo

Wedding in Poland

Wedding Ceremony in Montreux

Wedding in Zug

Zurich Wedding

Zurich Wedding

Zurich Wedding


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