September 14, 2017

Wedding at Bullandö in Stockholm, Sweden.


You are in for a treat. This Swiss wedding that took place in Stockholm was simply amazing. Last year I photographed the Bride’s sister in Klosters and that’s where I met this couple for the first time. When I spoke to the groom I found out that his mum was Swedish but was born in Switzerland. And his Swedish was so good!  As a parent myself, I know it is hard to pass on a language to your child when you are surrounded by another language. So well done to the groom’s mum!

When I started my wedding photography career then I lived in Stockholm. At those weddings I had very limited knowledge so it was nice to come back and do a wedding when I felt more comfortable as a photographer.

The wedding couple got ready at the very funky Nobis Hotel in central Stockholm. The architecture inside was beautiful. Especially the  staircase. When you see the photo below then you will know what I mean.

Before getting ready, the groom took his best mates out for lunch at Restaurant Prinsen whilst the bride got ready at Björn Axen Hairdresser. It was funny when the bride and bridesmaid were asked if they wanted some “champagne” and they said “no, it is ok”. 1 minute later they were served a glass of champagne in their hand anyways! Wedding is a wedding!

The wedding ceremony took place in an AMAZING church. I really loved it. It was located at Skansen and called Seglora Church. Again, see the photos below to see what I mean.

After the wedding ceremony all of us drove to Bullandö which is located on Värmdö on the border between the inner and outer archipelago. I really liked the vibe, location and the staff of the restaurant. The evening was wrapped up with a firework display!

After the evening all the guests were taken by boat to another boat for the wedding party. It was really cool! The boat cruising around, DJ playing, people dancing and this whilst seeing different part of Stockholm.

A special credit goes to Mariella and Malin who were the wedding planners of evening. Their site can be found at: Wedding Planner Stockholm.Also the fantastic wedding cake was done by Liv Sandberg.

Here are the wedding photos. I hope you enjoy them!

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