Spring Wedding in Zurich

Zurich Zoo Wedding

Masoala Halle by the Zoo in Zurich is not a location you directly associate with civil weddings. Patricia and Peter knows Zurich City very well so it is no surprise they found this spot. They decided to have a small and intimate wedding for the family and closest friends.

The civil wedding took place inside Masoala Halle – very tropical! Then they had an apero in the same location. The setup was perfect.  After they said “I do” they turned around and there they had their family and friends with a bar just behind them!

After the apero we had a portrait session. First we went into the forest and after that into Zurich City. They were very brave as the forest was full of thorns! During our walk in Zurich Peter told me some historical stories about Zurich. He really know that place like the back of his hand.

We then met up with everyone at Restaurant Hirschberg. That place is perfect for a small wedding. They were around 18 people which basically filled up the place. Before dinner everybody was sitting outside and enjoying the last rays of the sun along with a drink.  My day was over at that point. It was short but very sweet.

I wish Patricia and Peter a great life together!
Here are some more wedding photos….
Zurich Zoo Hochzeit
Masoala Halle
Masoala Halle
Zurich Zoo Wedding
Zurich Wedding
Zurich Hochzeit
Zurich Zoo Wedding
Restaurant Hirschberg Zurich
Wedding Hirschberg Zurich

Spring Wedding in Zurich
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