June 8, 2015

Schloss Meggenhorn & Luzern Wedding Portraits

Pilatus Wedding

Schloss Meggenhorn and Luzern was the location where Xiangjing and Melissa decided to their wedding photos taken. Well. they were already married and came to Switzerland for their honeymoon. We had been speaking over emails for a long time and when the day got closer we could see that the next 3-4 days was full of rain and cold. The weather app predicted 100% rain. I therefore asked them to do the shoot one day before – the same day as they arrived from Singapore. Imagine having such a long flight, go straight to the Haarbar hair dresser and then start the 4 hour long photo session with two different outfits. One words can describe this: champions! The good news is that it was totally worth it. It was cold but didn’t rain. I am glad that they stayed long enough in Switzerland to enjoy the sunny side too!

For anyone planning to get married in Switerland I would highly recommend Schloss Meggenhorn. It has an amazing view and then one can walk down towards the water and take the boat to Luzern. Around the castle the areas are also truly beautiful.

Anyway, here are the wedding photos of this brave and lovely couple. Enjoy!


schloss meggenhorn
schloss meggenhorn
Pilatus Wedding
schloss meggenhorn
City Luzern Wedding
Kappellebrucke Switzerland
schloss meggenhorn
Meggenhorn Castle Wedding
Luzern Hochzeit

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