Rehearsal Dinner at Villa Vedetta in Florence


I had the fortune to be part of Aurelia and Michal’s wedding celebration that started in Villa Vedetta in Florence. It was a very international wedding as Michal is from Poland and Aurelia is from Scotland but they live in the USA. They told me they love Italy and this is why the ended up there. And what a place they picked! Villa Vedetta is a neo-renaissance Villa which has a panoramic view of city of Florence and is very close to Ponte Becchio and Piazzale Michelangelo.

Before the rehearsal dinner we had a small photo session around the Villa. It also helps that Aurelia works in fashion so she brought an amazing dress with even better shoes. The shoes even had a pair of wings! What made my job easier was that they were very comfortable in front of the camera.

The wedding was designed by the amazing team of Italia Celebrations. I have worked with them several times and I could not recommend them highly enough. If you plan to get married in Italy then these are the guys to contact.

Anyway, enjoy the photos from this rehearsal dinner …

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Rehearsal Dinner at Villa Vedetta in Florence
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