July 28, 2017

Tuscan rehearsal dinner at Il Borro

This was the second day of their 3 day wedding celebration at Il Borro in Tuscany. One of the best parts of having a weddding at Il Borro is the variety it offers. The first night was a pizza night by the old village. This day was the rehearsal dinner by the swimming pool. Of course it also helps a lot to have a wedding planner like Italia Celebrations. They convert a swimming pool area into a super colorful evening. When you see the last photo of this blog post then you will know what I mean.

Before the dinner we had another small portrait session. I really loved these photos. The light. The colors. Beautiful couple. When I think of Tuscan wedding portraits then this is what I imagine.

Earlier that day was lots of fun as well. The groom, Henning, used to play football on a high level including all his friends. Therefore they arranged a USA vs Europe football game. I got to participate as well. These guys were
very good. Strong and quick. After the game they had beers and chilled. A perfect afternoon.

The rehearsal dinner was superb. Colorful cocktail drinks, jazz band playing, colorful tables and decoration. Sun was setting slowly as the BBQ was being prepared. After the dinner the German initiated a traditional wedding game. The couple had to cut a piece of wood together. Using one saw that they had to share. It was hard work. Real hard. Below you can see the joy of Allison when they finally managed to complete the task. Good work guys!

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