Rehearsal dinner at Il Borro, Tuscany.


The second day of this lovely three day weddding took place by the pool at Il Borro. And what a day it was. To describe it in one word: colorful! They had a Jazz band playing in the garden, cocktails by the swimming pool and BBQ food. Earlier during the day the guests had done different activities around Il borro such as wine tasting, cooking and so on. This is what I love with Il Borro as a location – it gives you a great variety if stuff to do during the day and in the evening you also have different places to hang. The day before they had the welcome dinner that took place at Borgo Piazzetta.

The entire wedding event was planned by Italia Celebrations. They did a fantastic job to make it look so beautiful. They had also hired the very talented videographer Wade Koch.

I loved when Stephanie and Attis walked to the rehearsal dinner that all the kids just ran to them and gave them a big hug. Now that is how you welcome the bride and groom!

Anyway, here are the rehearsal photos from that day.


wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(6-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(2-of-67)





wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(19-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(21-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(22-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(24-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(25-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(27-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(28-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(29-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(32-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(34-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(35-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(38-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(39-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(42-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(43-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(46-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(47-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(48-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(51-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(53-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(54-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(55-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(56-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(57-of-67)
wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(60-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(62-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(63-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(64-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(65-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(66-of-67) wedding_rehearsal_ilborro-(67-of-67)

Rehearsal dinner at Il Borro, Tuscany.
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