September 28, 2018

Post wedding day at Capri

What is the best way to cure a wedding hangover that took place in Amalfi? This couple decided to chill on the mediterranean sea on some boats and then go to “Lemon Tree” restaurant in Capri for a dinner with friends and family.

Everyone met at the port of Positano. Three lovely boats picked up everyone and hit the sea. It was really fantastic as the weather was perfect and the captain on our boat was fantastic because he shared a lot of cool anecdotes about Positano and Capri.

I had the opportunity to speak to the father of the bride and his daily work is taking care of cattle. He told me he can go an entire day without seeing any human being. For him it was a vast contrast to his daily life. It was nice to see that he really enjoyed the time on the boat.

We did stop at various spots for swimming in the sea and also to watch some cool caves and views of Capri.

When we arrived to Capri everyone walked a bit on their own before meeting at Paolino Restaurant which is known for its lemon decoration. The also offered a very impressive buffet of food and dessert.

After the dinner we all walked back to the boats who took us back to Positano and Amalfi. On the way back I managed to lay down in the boat so my feet almost touched the water whilst watching the stars. It was a pretty cool feeling!

Anyways, here are some photos from this lovely day…..

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