Pool Party at Il Borro

Pool Party at Il borro

Recently Il Borro rebuilt one of their swimming pool area. It is just below the old ancient village where the pizza night took place the night before. I must say it is a perfect spot for a pool party – surrounded by trees with an amazing view from the pool. Obviously, Ilka and Fredrik took advantage of this. During breakfast the weather looked a bit “so so” (aka cloudy) but this didn’t stop them – at 12:00 they all went to the pool where they also had music, snacks and, of course, drinks! As people started to get comfortable the sun came out in its full power and the party was complete! Some people hanged in the pool with a beer whilst others were sunbathing with a cocktail. Life was pretty good at that point I must say!

After a few beers the acrobatic jumps in to the pool became more and more advanced. Also advanced techniques of transporting beer across the pool was invented (see photo above).

For anyone considering Il Borro as their wedding location then I would highly recommend to have a pool party!

Later that evening was the ‘colorful’ rehearsal dinner. The name I use is ‘rehearsal’ but it could have been the main event – the atmosphere and setting was phenomenal. In fact, any of the three days could have been the actual wedding day. I guess this shows how much fun these guys had. Truly, an experience of a life time. I am very grateful that my job is to document this! What a job I have!

Anyway, here are the pool party photos …



Pool Party at Il borro







Pool Party at Il borro



Pool Party at Il borro




Pool Party at Il borro






Pool Party at Il Borro
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