Pizza Night at Il Borro, Tuscany, Italy.


You guys are in for a treat! I had the privilege to cover the wedding of Stephanie and Attis at Il Borro in Tuscany, Italy. It was a three day wedding that was planned by the ever talented Italia Celebrations. The first day started off with a welcome dinner (pizza night). It took place in the square of the village at Il Borro. It really looks like you are in a movie set when you sit there. On top of that you have two guy singing Italian songs and then you are served oven baked pizza. You really think that nothing will beat this ever! Only to realise 24 hours later (rehearsal night) that it was beaten. Then again you sit there with the same feeling. And then again to be proven wrong 24 hours later (during the wedding day). What an amazing experience it was!

Before the pizza night started I took Attis and Stephanie for some photos around the village. And credit must be given to them because it was truly boiling when we took the photographs. However, luckily, they had big smiles and were really easy to be with (as you will see below).
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Pizza Night at Il Borro, Tuscany, Italy.
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