July 18, 2017

Welcome dinner at il borro

I had the fortune to cover the wedding of Allison and Henning at Il borro in Tuscany, Italy. The wedding celebration lasted 3 full days. The first day was a welcome dinner at the village.  It was not my first time at Il borro but I still get equally impressed every time. The village looks like a movie set. A small square with a church and beautiful old buildings. Around the corner from the square they have stone ovens to make pizza. And this was the theme of the evening – pizza night!

Allison is from the USA and Henning from Germany so naturally they had people coming from all over the world. It was a big wedding of over 150 people. That is amazing when you realise the wedding took place somewhere in Tuscany.

Before the pizza night we had a small portrait photo session at the Villa and then we walked down to the village for the welcome dinner. It started off with some drinks at first then the buffet opened up which had local cheese, ham, salads and so on. Italian musicians were performing among the guests at the same time. They are really funny as they involve the couple and famlies when they sing. Then the main meal was served which was oven baked pizzas. Yummy. The drinks started to flow after that and the first night was complete.

The entire wedding celebration was planned by Brenda from Italia Celebrations and, as always, they did an absolutely amazing job. Here are some photos from the pizza welcome dinner…


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