Wedding at La Badia di Orvieto, Italy


If you were to imagine a classy destination wedding in Italy then I bet this wedding in La Badia Di Orvieto is not far away from that fantasy. The fact that Italia Celebrations planned and decorated this wedding made the entire experience even better. The florist Noosheen also did a truly amazing job – as she always does.

Before the wedding ceremony they got ready separately.  The lads drank whiskey. The ladies drank champagne and wine. Some red wine managed to find its way onto the bride’s dress but that didn’t bother the bride. She was ice cool. Linda from Italia Celebration also applied some of her magic which made it almost fully disappear. The ceremony took place at an amazing church. Simple but yet beautiful. After that was a very intense hour. Portraits, Family photos and Apero at the garden outside the church. The wedding dinner took place at an absolutely amazing place.  When you see the photos you will know what I mean. I loved the fact that they started off with a dance straight away and also got all the guests on their feet. Now that is a way to start a dinner! Anyway, enjoy these photos of this amazing wedding and beautiful location…

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Wedding at La Badia di Orvieto, Italy
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