December 21, 2018

An emotional and fun jewish wedding in Lenzerheide

This jewish wedding was one of the best weddings of 2018, if not even the best wedding. And not surprisingly, it took place at one of the best wedding venues in Switzerland.  Guarda Val in Lenzerheide.

This couple lives in New York (USA) but the bride is originally from Switzerland and the groom is American. The majority of the guests came from the USA and are rather used to a busy city life so I guess what they experienced was a nice contrast to their daily life. Mountain views, calmness and really fresh air.

The wedding day started with the preparation of groom. What I really liked was that there were so many of the boys getting ready together. It really created a nice buzz from the get go. A nice moment was when the groom gave a gift/letter to his best man. The best man read the letter and I think he got more emotional than he initially expected. I love small moments like that.

Afterwards, I went to the bride and her bridesmaids. Then when of my favourite moments happened. Her father came up the stairs. They looked at each other and I could visually see how touched they both were. A true father-daughter moment. The bride’s mother also witnessed this and  when she joined for a big family cuddle then moment was ‘complete’ for me. It was lovely to witness all this emotion and the wedding had not even started.

As it was a jewish wedding they had built a chuppah outside which happened to have an amazing view of the alps. Absolutely amazing.  First the groom arrived to Chuppah with his parents and then the wedding party arrived one after another. They had an amazing band who sang amazingly as they all entered. The bride and groom said personal wedding vows. I don’t know the couple personally but when I heard what they said to each other I almost cried. Very emotional speech!

For people who are not aware of jewish wedding traditions feel free to check out this artice: 10 jewish wedding traditions.

The apero also took place outdoors and they had two surprises for their guests. First, they had a Swiss musician who played a classic Swiss instrument – Swiss alphorn.  The guests also got to try it and they quickly realised it was not as easy as it looked. After that they had a local farmer coming by with two (massive) cows. Everyone has of course seen a cow but these were so massive and also “dressed up” that everyone started taking “selfies”. I even heard a couple say “I feel like I am on a Safari and trying to take a photo with an elephant”.

After their wedding dinner had finished they had their band “picking up” the guests. They came into the room with their instruments, started to play and told people to follow them. The entire wedding party danced their way to the next location where the final part of the day took place. Party and Cake!  Enjoy the wedding photos of this lovely wedding….


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