September 15, 2016

Beautiful intimate wedding at Hotel Caruso in Ravello



“I was sitting in an airplane. She entered and I was hoping straight away that should would have the seat next to me. She was walking down the aisle and then she stopped and sat in the seat opposite me. ‘I take that’ I thought.” This is how this great couple met!

An intimate wedding that took place at Hotel Caruso in Ravello. It was a very easy going and relaxed wedding. Dana was getting ready in her room whilst her dad was sitting on the balcony smoking a cigar and reading a newspaper. Todd was ready to go as soon as I arrived to his hotel room so we mainly chilled and talked about football (something we are both passionate about).

The wedding took place at the garden of Hotel Caruso with a magnificent view of the Amalfi coast. Then they had a cocktail hour whilst the sun was going down. After that they all walked to to restaurant where you have an infinitiy pool facing the mountains. Breathtaking!

After the wedding dinner they had a cake and as they cut the cake a firework display started. Doing things in style!

The wedding planner for this event was the talented Italia Celebrations. With a location like Ravello together with wedding planners like Brenda one is certain to have an amazing wedding.  The wedding videographer for this event was Mike Basch from Squirrel Wedding Films. Enjoy the wedding photos!


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