June 6, 2022

Intimate wedding at Villa Honegg and Burgenstock Chapel

This very intimate wedding took place at Villa Honegg and Burgenstock Chapel. This is another case where the wedding was postponed due to Covid. I am so happy that we are now back to ‘normality’.

The wedding party consisted of the Groom, Bride & mother of the bride. I started the day by meeting the bride and the mother at Villa Honegg for some wedding preparation photos. After this we were given a ride to the Burgenstock Chapel where the groom was waiting.

There is a cool side story to this particular wedding. As the bride entered the chapel there was a genetleman ringing the bell. This same gentleman was the flower boy for the very famous wedding that took place 1954 at the same location – the wedding of Audrey Hepburn.

After the wedding ceremony was over we noticed that the darker clouds were more intense. We hurried to take some portrait photos and then the sky decided to bless the couple and it poured down!

After the wedding portraits at Burgenstock resort we retreated back to Villa Honegg. There was a small apero between the three of them.

I hope you will enjoy these wedding photos at Villa Honegg and Burgenstock.

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