September 8, 2019

Intimate wedding at Schloss Oberhofen in Interlaken

This American couple decided to have their intimate wedding in Interlaken. Their closest family flew in and they did in a way which was very simple and beautiful.

They got ready in Interlaken at Krebs Hotel. Unlike most weddings they were actually ahead of time. It lead them to waiting for one part of their family to arrive before departing with a mini buss towards Schloss Oberhofen where their own ceremony took place. What made this wedding unique is how this wedding was held. Today it becomes more and more normal to have weddings done by friends/families instead of a priest. In this case, the couple themselves took charge. They stood in front of their family and shared their story. After the ceremony we had plenty of time to do some portraits.

For the wedding portraits we walked around in the castle before heading to one of my favourite locations in Switzerland. We went to Lauterbrunnen! If you have not been there then it is a “must” if you visit Switzerland. It is very dramatic and beautiful (as you can see in the photo above). This couple had no fear in going to the different places I wanted to try. You can see below what I mean.

Enjoy the wedding photos!