Basel Wedding – Daniela & Stefan – 06 July 2013


Basel Wedding

Daniela and Stefan, living in basel, had a slightly different approach of their wedding then the ‘normal’ wedding. It started off by preparation at their flat in Basel and then a lunch together at Inzlingerwasserschloss (germany) with all the guests of the wedding. This was a smart way of getting the families to get to know each other before the actual wedding ceremony (in Basel) – Daniela had family and friends all the way from Brazil. After the lunch Daniela got ready and changed her outfit (which Stefan didn’t know). The wedding itself took place at Castle Arlesheim. A really intimate place for being a castle!

Daniela also planned this wedding with her friend in Brazil and other friend in Basel. They worked hard on decoration. Not easy to decorate a castle! But they did a great job by adding small details that matters to them. Apparently they stayed up most night the night before in order to finalise the wedding. On the wedding day her friend went to the castle to wrap it up. They had several floors to decorate and also inside and outside the castle.

They don’t do things in an easy way either – the week before the wedding they moved into their new home. So they were juggling wedding planning with moving house. And to make life harder Daniela also had an accident and broke her leg. Yet she managed to walk in high heels on her wedding day – this is determination!


Basel Wedding

























Basel Wedding – Daniela & Stefan – 06 July 2013
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