English wedding at Rapperswil

Rapperswil Wedding

An English wedding at Schloss Rapperswil. Dinah and David who are from England decided to get married in Switzerland – as they live here.

I had the fortune to photograph their engagement session in Zurich earlier in the year which allowed me to get to know them before the wedding. For me they are an ideal couple to photograph as they also love photos and are not shy of the camera.

What I love about English weddings is their style. The ladies wear cool hats, funny speeches and usually got stylish details throughout the wedding.

The wedding day started at Hotel Speer in central Rapperswil where David and Dinah got ready separately. After that they went to Schloss Rapperswil where the rest of the wedding took place. There was a funny moment during the ceremony where they realised they had forgotten the wedding rings. They therefore borrowed some rings for the ceremony and then had a “mini ceremony” during the apero when they got their real rings. What I liked was that it was seen as a funny moment rather than making anyone upset.

On this wedding I also had my friends from Evergreen Video. They are based in Italy but flew in for this wedding. These guys are on a different level I think. Make sure you check them out as well.

Here are the wedding photos – enjoy!

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English wedding at Rapperswil
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