Engagement session at Calabria, Italy



Vanessa and Raffaele decided to get married in their home town in Amaroni  (Calabria, Italy). It was the second time we did a portrait session together – the first one was in zug which was one of my favourite sessions of 2015. This one lived up to the same standard I believe. Their wedding was even better – it will come on the blog later on. It is to take lovely photos when you are in a lovely location with great light but what really made it magical was the two of them! I asked them to ignore the fact that I was there and just have fun together. I could have left them for hours. One moments they are throwing water at each other and the next they are hugging. Perfect conditions for a photographer.

Their wedding will come later on the blog so keep an eye out for that one because it is truly magical. It is the first time I was in Italy and photographed a real italian wedding. It was so much fun!


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Engagement session at Calabria, Italy
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