April 25, 2018

Civil wedding in zurich stadthaus

Wedding at Zurich Stadthaus

International weddings are always extra fun. A mix of culture, people and traditions. This wedding took place in Zurich Stadthaus but the people who attended came from all over the place. It was a small wedding but if one were to measure the amount of miles traveled to attend the wedding I am sure it would be a couple of rounds around the earth. Their friends flew in from South Korea, Russia, England and USA (California).

The day started at Zurich Enge at Intercoiffeur Hair and Beauty in Zurich. From there the ladies went for a coffee at metropol restaurant which is located by the Register office. The chilled there whilst awaiting for the arrival of husband-to-be. Martino ,who is from the area of Venice, of course had to arrive by boat. There he was greeted by his future wife (at the time). Together we walked to the Zurich Stadthaus.

An example that showed that this was an international wedding was when the couple waited for a wedding witness to show up with the passport for the register office. As an Italian she stereo-typically a little bit late (only by a few minutes). When she entered the building it was more important to greet friend and family than running to the office with the passport. At least the priority was correct in my view.

After the civil wedding the wedding party walked together to the apero location which was the lovely Haus Zum Ruden. I managed to take the wedding couple for a few portait photos and then we returned to the guests. The weather-god was on our side and the sun was shining all day. It was a beautiful day.

After the apero they sat down for a lunch and we parted ways.

Here are the wedding photos from this civil wedding that took place in central Zurich.


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