Civil wedding at Erlentgut – Bettina and Patrick

Civil Wedding

Bettina and Patrick got married 06/06/2014 at a lovely place called Erlentgut. It is just outside Zurich. The day was very warm with a big blue sky. We were very lucky since the 10 days before consisted of non-stop rain. Not that the weather would have really stopped these guys. As soon as they arrived they were given a shot to drink from their friends – and this was before the wedding had started and just after lunch. This was their civil wedding with their closest friends and family.

They had some snack and drinks at the terrasse after the ceremony. After that they went back to their flat where they had a BBQ and drinks together. It was very relaxed and easy going. A great wedding! 

Later this year they will have a bigger wedding at the lovely Castello di Morcote – I cannot wait for that one! These guys also know how to party so it can be a real fun wedding in a beautiful location.


Civil Wedding































Civil wedding at Erlentgut – Bettina and Patrick
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