October 17, 2016

Authentic Nordic Wedding in Trondheim, Norway


I flew to a wedding in Trondheim (Norway) and one of the thing I was excited about was that I got to photograph a groom who had a proper beard. Let me tell you why. Having a beard is a little bit of fashion. I also grew a beard since it looks cool, I (and my wife) thinks. I always wanted to photograph a groom that was stylish, dressed smartly but with a proper beard. A nice juxtaposition!

The day before the wedding I met with Maria and Oliver. After hanging with them for an hour I knew this was going to be a great wedding. This couple truly loves each other (photos will also show that I believe), they chose to have typical Nordic elements to their wedding (singers, outfits, location) and yet it was a mix of two different nationalities.

This wedding day started at the pub. That’s how they roll! The groom with friends and family played some pool and drank beers whilst the bride was getting ready. The bride was getting ready WITH her wedding dress on. Pretty brave stuff. See photos and you will see what I mean. After that a wicked “raggar” bil (swedish expression) came and drove us all to Sverresborg Musuem. It is an open air museum with more than 80 historical buildings. Super cool! Then a massive rock where the wedding took place. Oh, and from there they had a view of Trondheim and the ocean. They had an amazing original band singing as well. After that we all went to Jonsborg. There they had rented a house next to the lake. The light was amazing and they had a great time.
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