September 30, 2019

A wedding at Fischers Fritz camping in Zurich

“We are getting married at a Fischers Fritz Camping Ground in Zurich” This is not the most common sentence you get in a wedding request. As soon as I read it I thought “oh, I must be part of this”. I am very glad that it worked out as it was a fantastic wedding day at Fischers Fritz.

It was one of those days where the weather was boiling.

The wedding couple got ready in their flat in Zurich. The fans where on full speed. In situations like this then I always feel sorry for the groom as they tend to have many layers of clothing. In this case: 3 layers.

The bride decided to arrive in style to the wedding ceremony. She came by boat with her father. A really cool way to kick it off. The wedding itself took place outdoors. I love outdoor wedding ceremonies. As a background they had Zurich lake. They get married by a friend which made everything very personal.

I was very impressed how the camping could cater for a wedding. It looked super chic and natural. It created a nice and relaxed atmosphere. The apero lasted for a few hours which involved lots of food, music and cold drinks.

I stayed till the dinner started. When everyone sat down the wedding couple welcomed everyone. They asked everyone to look under their chair. Glued to the chair they found a small bottle of Gin. With that the entire wedding party had one shot together. A lovely way to start the wedding dinner I thought!

Enjoy the wedding photos…


Fischer Fritz Camping

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