Hania, Kasia & Adam

This week we had some lovely weather in Sweden so I got the opportunity to take some photos of a fun and lovely family which is very close to my family. We have little Hania and their parents Kasia and Adam.

The images are quite big (around 400kb) per picture so it might take some time before it loads but I think it is worth it …

Which one is your favourite?

The last one is my favourite 🙂

Hania, Kasia & Adam
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  • Line said:

    Fantastiske billeder alle sammen. I like them all.

  • Steve Hopkins said:

    A few , near beginning have obvious flare from the sun. I would have used that early AM or later afternoon natural light for a gorgeous glow.
    Next to last - family too far away.
    3rd to last silhoutte - no 'picture'
    Shoot thru the 1/2 oval - 'nothing' again - family too far away, no light on them, BG not blurred oout. Maybe different time of day would put some light on them, bring them back 1/2 down hill etc. .
    Next 2 pics, very cute.