Hochzeitsbilder – Favourites of 2009 – People (from Zürich & Luzern)

I have decided to create some posts with my favourite shots from last year (2009) – there will be a total of 4 posts. This is the third in the series -this contains people shots:

walking to church

Groom Group Shot

emotional moment for parents

Preparation for wedding

Apero in Zurich

Laughter at reception in Zurich

A kid outside church


Bride looking at groom during apero in Zurich


Father and grand daughter outside Church laughing

Which shot was your favourite?

If you would like to see the complete weddings then you can find them here:

* https://magnusbogucki.com/blog/photography/mishell-pascal/
* https://magnusbogucki.com/blog/photography/tola-mikes-wedding/
* https://magnusbogucki.com/blog/photography/markus-nandas-apero-zurich/
* https://magnusbogucki.com/blog/photography/asia-radeks-wedding/
* https://magnusbogucki.com/blog/photography/hochzeit-anthony-rebeccas-wedding/

Hochzeitsbilder – Favourites of 2009 – People (from Zürich & Luzern)
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  • jasper said:

    :) wunderschöne stimmungsvolle bilder. alle sehen so glücklich aus.