April 21, 2016

Family trip to Dijon, France


Earlier this year we went to Dijon (France) for a family trip. A lovely city where most buildings got very colorful roof and as you walk around in the city you find many places open in order for one to be able to too admire the architecture. Of course, many people recognise the name of the city due to the Dijon Mustard. We tried that too – it was amazing!

I just bought an analog camera before the trip so decided to play with that one. All these photos are taken with Nikon F100 camera and 35mm Fuji 400 film. Carmencita Film Lab in Valencia did the scans.

dijon_0005dijon_0011dijon_0014dijon_0006dijon_0013dijon_0010dijon_0012dijon_0009dijon_0019dijon_0004dijon_0008dijon_0003dijon_0002dijon_0018dijon_0007 dijon_0016

dijon_0015 dijon_0017 dijon_0020 dijon_0021 dijon_0023

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