February 10, 2014

Family session in Zurich


One of the best thing of being a wedding photographer is that you get to follow a couple through some major changes in life. I met Danka and Miguel when they were one month away from their first baby. After that I have taken photos of  their son, been photographing their wedding and now I was taken photos of their baby daughter. So pretty cool that I got to photograph all this stages of their lives.

It was amazing to see how Matej (their son) is learning languages because he is part of a house where they speak Serbian, German and Spanish. He picks up one item and then he goes to mum and asks “What is this?” and she answers in Serbian, then he goes to dad
who answers in German and so on. I wish I had that ability to absorb information and patience. Kids are indeed amazing!

Anyway, here are some photos of their baby daughter …
Zurich Family Photo Session

Zurich Family Photo Session


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