January 31, 2018

Family session in freezing cold Zug

It is always a privilege when a fellow photographer and friend asks to photograph his own family. Stefan and I know each other for quite a few years now. We are in a simliar situation in life. We are both from Sweden, we both live in Switzerland and we both work as wedding photographers. To see Stefan’s amazing work then head over to his website. Also, if you need help with UX design then he is da guy.

Back to this photo session. It was the first week of 2018. We decided to meet by Zug lake. It was absolutely freezing! Their daughter was brave and played along for 20 minutes but after that she indirectly said “Ok, enough of this”. I didn’t blame her. My fingers were freezing cold. We decided to go to Hafenrestaurant by Bootshafen Zug for a wam tea. We warmed up and then went outside again for another 15minutes or so. I am glad we did as we got some lovely photos of them. Enjoy this family session photographed in Zug.


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