Christmas Spirit – donate 10 euros.

Today, from nowhere, my better half told me “magnus, we are very fortunate”. I couldn’t agree more. Later I got a facebook message from my “sister” – she has helped me and supported me when I was a young lost teenager 🙂 Anyway, she now lives in Gambia and she asked for some help – in short, there are three young girls (Fatou 12, Isatou 8, Awa 5) who lost their school sponsorship and in order to allow them to continue they need 700 euros per girl/per school year. I want to raise as much as we can.

This is the school where the girls are going to:

When it comes to donations there are always two things that makes me hesitant:
1) How much should I donate?
2) Will this really reach the people in need?

Therefore I would like to answer them for you (in case you are like me):
1) Let’s all donate 10 euros each (13 USD or 13 CHF). This something we all can afford.
2) My “sister” knows these kids and if you want any more information then feel free to contact her directly at:

Before you go ahead and donate / or if you cannot donate but still want to share the message:
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Click this button to donate to the girls:




Christmas Spirit – donate 10 euros.
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