January 28, 2016

Dentist Clinic in Baar


Let me introduce you to dentist Lea Recorder and her team who are based in Baar. I have had the fortune to photograph Lea’s family last year and now she is pursuing a new adventure by opening up a dentist clinic in central Baar. Here you can find their website: http://www.familien-zahnarzt-baar.ch/

As I have been to Lea’s home I know she has a great taste when it comes to interior design so I was not surprised when she said she will renovate the clinic to her style. The current style is still very nice but I am sure when she is done with it then it will look great.

What is extra nice as an expat is that they offer all services in English. So do feel free to check them out. Here are some photos of the team.

baar_dentist_clinic-12baar_dentist_clinic-3baar_dentist_clinic-15 baar_dentist_clinic-2 baar_dentist_clinic-7 baar_dentist_clinic-10 baar_dentist_clinic-5