For photographer: post processing services comparison

Recently I have been thinking of outsourcing my basic retouching of photos – however there is a jungle of service providers for post processing. So I sent some photos and compared them. Below is a small review.

The companies I contacted were:

  • (this I found by randomly googling)
  • (via junebug)
  • (refered by another photographer)

The process was the same for all of them – you upload to their server and they send you back the files with a lightroom file. 

This is my view of each service: They responded quickly to emails and did two sample jobs for me. However, I personally don’t like the way they treat the colors. I spoke to them via facebook. Very quick response. I don’t like there is an extra charge for FTP uploads but free shipping with US. However, I understand that there is a cost for them to host it all. They have a really nice way of providing you the photos – you are taken to a browser where you can see “before and after” and then you can leave comments if you don’t like it and then they will do it again. Also quick in writing. And I like their post processing the most – at least according to my taste.


Since I wrote this post I have gotten two more comparison photos. I contacted these since they seem to be highly regarded from other photographers They seem to be popular among photographers and they did a good job. Not very personal in the communication but still very quick. Nice outcome too. Interesting story with these good guys. They dont offer free sample work instead they do a minimum order of 25 dollars. Their CEO took time to write me to explain why – and his reasons were understandable. However, I was allowed to get a free sample since I created this post in the end. The only company who actually called me up in person and asked a few questions. They also provided other information (calibration of monitor and so on). Very professional and nice.

Below you can see a comparison of them all:



For photographer: post processing services comparison
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