Wedding in Restaurant Brasilea – Basel – May 2013



Anouk and Yves who are both from the city of Basel got married in May 2013 in restaurant Brasilea. I knew this wedding would be cool because Anouk contacted me in the beginning of 2012 – for Switzerland that is early wedding planning. She told me about her plans which was to be located in an industrial area of Basel but at the same time next to the water. So it really had a bit of everything.

The “summer” in Switzerland has been non-existing so far – as I am writing this it is 12 degrees, rainy and grey outside. This was the prediction for their wedding day too. However, we had SOME luck. During the preparation (which was indoors) it didn’t rain but it was grey. As soon as they were ready individually they were suppose to meet outside “for the first time” and that’s when it started to rain. However, by the time we arranged a spot to meet and also for their friends to come along it actually stopped raining. So they met when it wasn’t raining and after a few minutes together the sun came out! We rushed to the water side of Basel and snapped some photos with the sun. As soon as we were done it started to rain again. We went to old town and found a super cool place (see pics for details :)).

Initially, the plan, was to have the ceremony outdoors – on the roof of restaurant Brasiliea but it had to be moved indoors. It didn’t ruin the spirit of the wedding – the ceremony took place in German and English. Tom Myhre who was holding the ceremony in two languages also had another talent – he was a great singer. If you need someone speaking English and German AND sing on your wedding then he is the guy you are looking for. After the ceremony the sun came out again and the apero could take place outside. Lovely! I then saw a massive cloud coming in and therefore we started with the group photos – it was funny because in the beginning every picture was super sunny and in the end it was a big black cloud behind them. In the distance we could see thunder. We wrapped up the shoot and went for dinner – then the rain hit us hard. In a way, perfect timing. So weather god was with us on this day. Anyway, here comes the photos from that day …













Make Up Artist-
Cup Cakes –
Priest- (Tom Myhre)


Wedding in Restaurant Brasilea – Basel – May 2013
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